Welcome to Free Therapy

If you’ve never tried psychotherapy but would like to get a better sense of what it’s like, this Free Therapy blog is for you. It’s also for you if you’re in therapy already and would like a little supplement. But first, the formalities:


I have named this blog Free Therapy while playing it fast and loose with the word “therapy.” I’m not suggesting that whatever you read here will count as actual therapy, because, in my opinion, real psychotherapy can only take place between/amongst people who are sitting in the same room at the same time. Reading can be therapeutic, yes. But it can never fill in for real-deal psychotherapy.

Nor can the topics I address here ever fully convey the most important element of therapy: the relationship between therapist and client. When I write about the initial sessions, for instances, I never mention rapport. But building rapport is the most important aspect of these sessions, and it assumes a different face with everyone who walks through my door.

Furthermore, you will not find much advice in this blog, not a lot of tips or tools. The countless other online resources already in existence would make such an offering redundant. Nor am I here to provide answers (at least not many). Rather, I am here to ask questions, because you, dear reader, are the expert. If any of my questions cause you discomfort, it is your responsibility to stop reading and do whatever will help you feel more grounded and supported. But hopefully the questions you encounter here will serve their intended purpose: namely, to enhance self-knowledge, understanding, and acceptance. 

If you accept the limitations of this approach to therapeutic inquiry, begin your exploration here.

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