A Day of Journal Therapy… Plus Yoga!

The New Year is a great time to nurture new habits. Habits that deepen self-knowledge and compassion are some of the best we can cultivate. Therefore I’m delighted to be offering a day-long workshop that incorporates two of the most versatile tools for such cultivation: journal therapy and yoga!

In this 8-hour workshop (not counting a break for lunch), we will use the Journal Ladder to facilitate self-discovery and social connection. The Journal Ladder, created by Kay Adams of the Therapeutic Writing Institute, starts with very structured, time-limited “writes” and ends with longer, deeper-reaching free writes. Its prompts progress from information-based, to insight-driven, to purely intuitive.

Participants of the workshop will do at least one in-class exercises for each “rung” of the Journal Ladder and have a chance to share their reflections on the experience, along with brief readings from the journals themselves. We will also explore other types of life writing, as popularized by Ira Progoff (the Intensive Journal Method) and James Pennebaker (Expressive Writing).

To prevent fatigue from too much sitting, we’ll also enjoy a late-morning yoga session. Since January of 2018 I have been studying under Kristine Kaoverii Weber and will receive my RYT-200 certification in October of 2018. My teacher training program has centered on Subtle Yoga, which is a very mindful form of slow movement that strengthens not only the body, but the mind-body connection. Subtle Yoga builds resilience on the nervous system level, with a focus on safe sequencing and trauma-informed cues.

After our 60-minute yoga practice, we’ll have a 75-minute lunch break. Participants will need to either bring a lunch (there is a refrigerator, microwave, and stove on-site) or plan on eating at one of the nearby restaurants. Lunch will also be followed by a few minutes of restorative poses (like Legs Up the Wall), feeding the body’s need for rest at that time of day and preparing the mind for more writing.

Given the personal nature of journal therapy, this workshop will abide by the rules common to any kind of therapy group. Everything shared in the group will be confidential. Emotions of all kinds, expressed authentically and respectfully, will be welcomed and encouraged.

The cost of the workshop is $85. To register, email sarahsimpsoncounseling@gmail.com or call 919-805-4096.