In October of 2018 I graduated from the Subtle Yoga Teacher Training and Personal Transformation Program (through the Subtle Yoga Training Institute) and received my 200-hour certificate and official RYT-200 designation through Yoga Alliance.

According to its creator, Kristine Kaoverii Weber, “Subtle Yoga is a transformative, therapeutic and balancing practice with postures that are accessible to most people and adaptable to most abilities. Subtle Yoga is powerful, but it’s not dangerous. It is a bridge between traditional ashram yoga and today’s fitness-based yoga. Rooted in the yoga tradition, Subtle Yoga can take you to the deeper more contemplative dimensions of yoga. It helps you understand how you learn about yoga and yourself, so that you can then use those skills to actualize your life and accomplish your goals.”

What I love about Subtle Yoga is its focus on going slow and being mindful, its emphasis on promoting resiliency in the nervous system, on cultivating better communication between the hemispheres of the brain, and its inclusion of all the eight limbs of yoga, including pranayama (breath awareness) and meditation.